Finally, Anita Baker coming to Spotify, plus a new boxed set


(September 3, 2021) Legendary songstress Anita Baker may be one of the most popular and biggest selling female vocalists of all time, but her music has been surprisingly tough to find these days. Search on Spotify or other streaming services and her albums – including her signature collection Rapture – are nowhere to be found. Combine that with the recordings she made in the 90s and early 00s which were never released (and some of which were reported destroyed), and, to quote one of her hits, you have a “Mystery.” But it sounds like some of that may all be coming to an end, and Baker’s revered catalog will be arriving at a digital streaming service near you.

Today, Baker posted on Twitter a photo of her five classic studio albums from the 80s and 90s with the caption “All My Children Are Coming Home. Catalog. Impossible Things Happen. Every. Single. Day.” And she followed a fan question with the affirmation “Yes, Chil’ren…STREAM ON.”

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Back in March Baker issued a tweets claiming that she was ready to go to war for her music rights: “Miraculously, I have out-lived ALL of my artist contracts. They no longer “own” my name and likeness. And, by law, 30 year old masters are 2B returned 2 me. Unfortunately, they’re gonna make me fight 4 it. I’m prepared 2 do that. Please don’t advertise/buy them ABXO.”

Fortunately, she has apparently worked out the rights issues with regard to her catalog, and we can expect to see her music on streaming services soon. She also tweeted that a new boxed set of her albums will be coming soon: “New Compilation/Box Set, Vinyl & Digital @Rhino_Record” followed by “The New Team. And in Intention, to Create More Joy for Generations to come ABXO.”

All of this news will be literally and figuratively music to the ears of Baker’s millions of fans. And we’ll be looking out for that boxed set as well as the streaming of these iconic album, coming soon.


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