Dave Regan


From the early 70's right up to today I've enjoyed playing and presenting great soul music. With a history of mobile discos, pub & club gigs along with various cruise liners, I finally decided that while the mind was willing, the body wasn't up to the physicality and late nights.

So some 40 plus years later I moved into online broadcasting in 2015, joining J.F.S.R and presenting various shows for just under four years.
After a change of station ownership & ideals, I decided it wasn't for me and called it a day.

After a short hiatus and an "interview" with Eon Irving & Mehmet Mustapha I was invited to join Crackers Radio in March 2019. (so you can blame the two of them :) )

Since then I have been presenting various shows such as "The Soul Food Show " and "The Back Seat Boogie"
Currently I present a Sunday show called "Sunday Best" and a monthly (1st Sunday of the month) rare groove and collectibles show called "Diggers Delight" (my personal favourite).

Finding myself getting a lot more involved with things like the Crackers Radio website, advertising and merchandising it seems as though I have found my 'spiritual' home amongst the Crackers family.


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